Global Financial Reporting and Valuation Conference 2011 

KPMG LLP, the US member firm (RC) held its Global Financial Reporting and Valuation Conference on December 12-13, 2011, at the Ritz Carlton in Orlando, Florida. The conference brought together more than 230 accounting, finance, tax, and valuation professionals from more than 25 countries to address key issues related to latest regulatory changes, financial reporting developments, M&A challenges and management issues that may affect these multinational enterprises in the coming years.

Audit, Advisory, Tax, and (A) Valuation professionals from KPMG in the United States and other KPMG member firms, as well as financial executives and academic luminaries, presented on a range of topics, providing practical insight and a well-balanced outlook.

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General sessions
  • Recent Financial Reporting Developments and Fair Value Implications
  • Valuation Challenges Beyond Acquisition Accounting and Goodwill Impairment Testing
  • Global M&A Outlook
  • War Stories from the Transaction World
  • Tax Challenges Related to Acquisitions

Breakout sessions

Eight breakout sessions also were offered. Each provided an in-depth look into a particular financial reporting or valuation issue.

  • Foreign Investment: The Euro Zone Crisis and Emerging Markets
  • Transfer Pricing Exposures on Cross-Border Acquisitions
  • Proposed Changes to Lease Accounting
  • Post Acquisition Challenges
  • Valuation Trends for Alternative Assets
  • Practical Considerations in Carve Out Activities
  • IFRS Convergence
  • Rethinking Legal Entity Structures – How Leading Organizations Are Reaping the Benefits of Rationalization

Optional Technical Sessions

Eight further technical sessions were offered.

  • Complexities of the PPA Process Including Auditor Review
  • Revenue Recognition
  • Contingent Consideration: How Will It Affect Your Acquisition?
  • The Main Difficulty of Doing Business in China: Policy Uncertainty
  • Recent FASB Guidance Around Goodwill Impairment Testing
  • Complexities of the PPA Process Including Auditor Review
  • Leading Edge Valuation Issues: An Interactive Session
  • Legal Hurdles in Closing Transactions

Breakfast Roundtables

A number of optional breakfast sessions were held and led by a subject matter expert for discussion and exchange of views on the latest technical and industry issues.

  • Emerging Markets: China
  • Emerging Markets: India
  • Emerging Markets: Latin America
  • Emerging Markets: Russia
  • Estimating Cost of Capital
  • Share-based Compensation
  • Sovereign Debt in Europe/Valuation Implications
  • Tax Trends - In Depth
  • The Euro Zone Crisis
  • Transfer Pricing