Indirect Tax Services 

Indirect taxes ― such as value added taxes, sales taxes, custom duties and excise ― can represent up to a third of a company’s annual turnover. Poor indirect tax management can squeeze cash flow, allow the over or underpayment of tax and attract stiff penalties for non-compliance.

We offer a range of global indirect tax services:

  • advising businesses and their tax teams on the development and execution of effective indirect tax management strategies, including appropriate internal controls and cross-jurisdictional compliance
  • advising on the indirect tax consequences of entering new markets and undertaking corporate transactions such as global restructuring, mergers, acquisitions and capital reconstructions
  • assisting in reducing indirect tax costs and in managing transfer-pricing matters and related Goods and Services Tax (GST)/Value Added Tax (VAT) valuation issues
  • supporting businesses subject to tax audits or other investigations by tax or customs' authorities
  • in certain countries, KPMG member firms can also advise on the legal aspects* of indirect tax, including contract review, dispute resolution and litigation.

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Using tax technology

Our member firms' tax professionals can call on a range of technology tools to help businesses tackle indirect tax issues in single or multiple jurisdictions:

  • systems to deliver multi-jurisdiction VAT returns and outsourcing arrangements
  • tools for evaluating how indirect taxes affect corporate supply chains
  • data analysis tools to help reduce inaccuracies in reporting and remitting indirect taxes.

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Why choose KPMG?

Our distinctive networking model means our firms' tax professionals combine an international perspective with local experience and insight.

We enjoy productive relationships with decision makers in national and international tax authorities. These relationships are complemented by our firms' participation in various Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), World Trade Organization (WTO), and European Commission tax-related working parties. This involvement allows us to help shape policy and provide regulatory insight.

*Legal services may not be offered to U.S. SEC registrant audit clients, or where otherwise prohibited by law.

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Tim Gillis

Tim Gillis

Head of Global Indirect Tax

Global Indirect Tax Brief

Indirect Tax Brief
Updates on key tax issues and challenges in indirect tax being faced by taxpayers in countries around the world.

Driving Indirect Tax Performance

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KPMG member firms help companies drive indirect tax performance.

Technologies & process management

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KPMG member firms help companies with effective uses of technologies and process management.