• Service: Tax
  • Level: Manager
  • Joined: 2003
  • Location: Canada
Kimberly's pic

Where are you right now?


I’m on a two-month sabbatical right now, considering whether to do a long term assignment with KPMG.


So how did you start at KPMG?


Well I’ve been at KPMG for just over 6 years. In Canada you typically start in Audit because you need a certain number of Audit hours to gain your accounting qualification. I spent three years in Audit before moving into Tax.


Was it worth the wait?


Audit is a very good way to get a wide range of experience when you start out. You spend a lot of time out at client’s site, you see a variety of different businesses, and you get to interact closely with the client. This is great preparation for your career, especially if you’re coming straight out of university.


Tell us about your time with the Global Head of Tax


I was lucky that I got to work with Loughlin Hickey for three months. As well as wanting people to understand the role of Global Tax, Loughlin wants to give people opportunities to travel as part of the role, and I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to attend and help Loughlin prepare for a presentation at a Tax conference in Singapore. It was really great.


So what’s everyone else like in comparison?


A big part of the reason why I’ve decided to build my career at KPMG is the people I work with. For example, my Performance Manager has helped me find opportunities to improve my presentation skills, and has been very supportive; trying to get me the variety of work I want in Tax. Also, it’s not uncommon to sit down with the Partner to discuss my workload and consider how best to resource it.


What’s your ultimate ambition now?


Well I haven’t decided whether I want to make Partner. It takes a lot of work so I’d need to get better at developing my work/life balance, which is currently one of the biggest challenges in my career and something I’m working hard at getting right. Perhaps Associate Partner would be the right career path for me.

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