• Service: Audit
  • Level: Senior Manager
  • Joined: 1999
  • Location: Mexico
Carlos' pic

Tell us why you joined KPMG.


I knew it was an international firm, so there would be opportunities to travel and I wanted to work for a company that was well respected in the financial services market — for me this meant KPMG in Mexico. I didn’t apply anywhere else.


So is it still living up to your expectations?


Definitely. Here in Mexico we’re growing a lot, but if you walked in, you’ll still see all the Partners’ offices open to everyone, whether you’re an Associate or Senior Manager. Everyone’s really warm. One of the things I liked when I first joined is that you’re not just an employee number. It was not as big as some of the other firms, so I got to know the people I worked with much better.


What do you think your clients value about KPMG?


Our knowledge and advice — we’re always on top of what’s happening in our industry. So before the client becomes aware of a new regulation, KPMG already knows about it, and they know we’re going to have an answer for them. KPMG — those four letters stand for a lot. Clients know they’re hiring professionals who are very knowledgeable and well prepared.


You went on rotation to the New York office. How was that?


Put it this way: in addition to my wedding day it was the most amazing experience of my life. Only four or five professionals were picked from Mexico to go to the US — I think I was chosen because I’d always had good interaction with people, including US Partners.


Who were you working with?


I worked on a global engagement with about 20 people from China, Argentina, Russia, US and the U.K. The whole team became really good friends — every time I get a chance to go back to New York I meet them.


How has KPMG changed you as a person?


Well the first thing is that I met my wife here, which changed my life so much. KPMG has taught me to work hard, but at the same time balance this with my personal life. That’s one of the most valuable things I’ve learned, and I try to pass that on to the professionals I work with now.

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