Supporting migrant youth education in China 

As increasing numbers of workers relocate to cities from rural areas of China, their children can lack proper registration to attend public schools and often must attend schools for migrants, many of which are not adequately funded or staffed.
Supporting migrant youth education

Students participate in a 'Dream Center' education workshop sponsored by KPMG China, as part of a program to improve migrant youth education that includes centers in Beijing, Chengdu, and Shanghai.

To provide a higher quality of education for China’s migrant children, KPMG China has teamed with the Cherished Dream and Qichuang organizations to support ambitious new facilities and programs that offer a significantly better learning environment for these children.

With Cherished Dream, KPMG has helped to build 'Dream Centers' in Beijing, Chengdu and Shanghai, with multimedia classrooms providing children with computers, internet access and new books. Centers in additional cities are being planned.

KPMG volunteers are also contributing to the Centers’ curriculum, with interactive classes designed to address the special needs of migrant children and unleash their potential.

In the Qichuang program in Guangzhou, KPMG volunteers are facilitating workshops to help students acquire knowledge in areas such as time and financial management while, also developing their capacity for team work, creativity and communications skills.

“Education is a keystone of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program,” said Diana Tsui, Head of CSR and Diversity for KPMG China. “We have made a particular commitment to improving education for migrant youth, who deserve to have a quality education that will increase their knowledge and skills and broaden their horizons so they can see the way to a fulfilling future.”

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