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Finnish Companies Act 

Cover image, Finnish Companies Act
Edita has, in cooperation with KPMG, published the leading English language edition on the Finnish Companies Act. The book describes the background and essentials of the Finnish Companies Act which entered into force in September 2006.

The book is a compact overview of the Finnish Companies Act and is written in the form of a handbook. The legal provisions are explained point by point by following the structure of the Finnish Companies Act so that the book is as practical as possible. Furthermore, relevant sections of company law related tax legislation have been pointed out and highlighted throughout the book.


The book is targeted to company executives, lawyers and other practitioners and its primary purpose is to reach international practitioners who already operate or seek to operate in Finland as well as professionals who otherwise are interested in the Finnish company law frame work. The book is a helpful tool for both a general reader and a specialist company lawyer.


The authors are experts in Finnish and international corporate law and work as specialists with complex company and tax law related questions. The authors have used their extensive expertise and experience to write this comprehensive overview of the Finnish company legislation.

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