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Managing Tax Risk and Driving Tax Performance 

Managing tax risk. Adding value. How should your company govern its tax affairs to strike the right balance?

Around the world and here in Canada, the focus on tax risk management is growing more intense. Company directors, CEOs, and finance executives are being compelled to take more interest in how tax is managed within their companies, and tax directors are working to find ways to reduce their organization’s effective tax rate responsibly while managing their tax risk.

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The Rise of Tax Risk as a Corporate Governance Issue
The management of tax is now one of the criteria by which corporate governance is judged by investors and other third parties, such as regulators, the media, and especially the tax authorities.

Managing Tax Risk: Canada’s Current State
Canadian companies appear to be behind other countries in developing and implementing a documented, company-wide tax risk management policy.

Tax Governance Quiz
If you can answer “yes” to all of these questions, your company is at the leading edge in its use of best practices in tax governance.
Driving Tax Performance
KPMG can help boards, audit committees, finance executives, and tax directors develop and implement a board-approved strategy for managing tax risk.

Elio Luongo

Elio Luongo

Canadian Managing Partner, Tax


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