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Accounting Change Experience 

Significant accounting issues can arise from major transactions and changes in your organization’s structure – whether planned or unplanned.


KPMG’s Accounting Advisory Services (AAS) professionals can assist with complex financial reporting, systems and accounting challenges, and accounting support for due diligence and tax assignments.

Accounting Change Experience

We can help you:


  • Evaluate what the revised proposals mean, and help you draft your comment letters
  • Provide training to your team on the latest developments in the proposed standards
  • Identify interactions between accounting/solvency changes and other initiatives
  • Identify potential synergies and ways to increase efficiency and reduce costs of the transition
  • Conduct a high-level impact assessment
  • Identify the areas that are going to be impacted from the accounting perspective through specialized tools and proprietary methodologies


Please contact your KPMG Accounting Advisory Services adviser for more information.

Todd M. Buchanan

Todd M. Buchanan

Partner, National Leader of Accounting Advisory Services


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Accounting Advisory Services

In order to achieve your strategic and compliance goals, you require a firm that is able to handle all types of complex accounting challenges.  And that’s where KPMG comes in.


As accounting standards change and transactions—from IPOs to regional mergers to global acquisitions—become more intricate, organizations face a rising number of complex challenges.  As a client of KPMG, you won’t need to be concerned. Our professionals will help you successfully address those challenges to stay compliant and get the business results you’re looking for.


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