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Complex Tax Services 

To meet today’s extraordinary challenges, your organization can benefit from extraordinary tax advice.

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Advice that goes beyond the present, beyond borders, beyond tax issues, and into the broader context of the business and the jurisdiction in which it operates. The type of advice you can only get from a team of seasoned tax accountants, lawyers, economists, and other professionals with a keen understanding of tax laws, risk areas, business context, and how they all intersect.
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When your business faces complex tax challenges, explore how you can put Canada's leading tax minds to work on the solution and find out more about:


  • Complex Planning
    Today’s organizations can benefit from comprehensive and practical solutions to complex problems. More.
  • Complex Interactions
    Keeping ahead of change—and shaping it to your client’s advantage—requires professionals who know the ropes and how to resolve potential problems effectively before they become roadblocks. More.

Elio Luongo

Elio Luongo

Canadian Managing Partner, Tax