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International Executive Services 

Managing the tax implications of international staffing


Whether you are sending employees on a multi-year expatriate assignment or on international business travel, proper tax planning, efficient compliance services, and technology tools can help your company operate efficiently and reduce assignment costs.

International Executive Services

The challenge

The challenge is to develop tax-efficient programs that support and advance your company’s strategic plan while complying with global tax laws in every country where employees live and work.


What you should know

It’s also important to know the costs, opportunities, and challenges of doing business in different countries. Complying with all the tax laws can be crucial to helping ensure good corporate standing, and to avoid costly penalties and unrecorded liabilities.


The bottom line

Proper tax planning and efficient, thorough tax compliance can help you substantially reduce the expenses of operating in the international business environment.


KPMG International Executive Services

KPMG’s International Executive Services professionals can help you review your current programs, introduce tax approaches to address the issues facing your business, and give you straightforward answers on the implications.

We can help add value to your organization with the following services:


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  • Multinational Expatriate Programs

    You should manage your international work force with a view to meeting strategic business goals. Working with KPMG, you can draw on a wide range of services-from tax and payroll consulting, to global mobility services-that can help you meet your international assignment program objectives, effectively manage your assignees, and fulfill employees' international human resources needs.

  • Taxation of International Executives (TIES)
  • Global Immigration Services

    Managing a global workforce means observing different, complex and fast changing immigration laws worldwide - and there can be severe penalties for non-compliance.

    KPMG's immigration practice, in collaboration with KPMG Law LLP, provides a customized one-stop service offering both executive tax and immigration services to help global-minded firms deal efficiently and effectively with their international workforces.

    We can help you get necessary visas, work and residency permits, determine applicable visa categories, and advise on immigration and compliance topics and processes.

  • International Payroll Services

    When an employee is sent to work in another jurisdiction there is frequently a payroll tax withholding and reporting obligation in the host jurisdiction. If the employee remains on home country payroll, there may be a reporting and withholding obligation in both jurisdictions. Failure to properly report and withhold could result in penalties assessed to both the employer and employee.


    KPMG can help a company establish a "shadow payroll" to report compensation in the host country, even if paid from the home country payroll. In addition, KPMG can assist with obtaining certificates of coverage to help reduce social security taxes, and obtaining waivers to help reduce home country withholding. Properly complying with international payroll reporting and withholding requirements can help a company ensure good corporate standing, avoid unrecorded liabilities, and promote operational efficiencies.

  • Global Equity and Deferred Compensation Services

    Equity and deferred compensation may be subject to different tax rules, depending upon the location of residence or services when granted, vested, or received. The challenge is to ensure you and your employees manage taxes while meeting payroll reporting and withholding requirements. KPMG can assist with technology tools to help ensure that such compensation is tracked and reported in the appropriate jurisdiction, and to avoid double withholding taxes. Proper tax planning can help reduce corporate deductibility, in order to further reduce costs.

  • Global Wealth Services

    In order to build, manage, and preserve wealth on a multinational basis, it can be necessary to consider a person's global income and wealth taxes. Estate taxes can erode a significant portion of a family's wealth. When a wealthy person lives in a foreign jurisdiction or has beneficiaries outside his home country, income and wealth taxes can be quite complex.


    KPMG's Global Wealth Services team works with high net worth executives and individuals to help ensure that global income and estate taxation can be reduced. Frequently, a properly drafted will or implementation of a trust structure can help reduce taxation while providing comfort to executives that their estate planning has been designed to meet their financial goals.


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Tom G. Nicolopoulos

Tom G. Nicolopoulos

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