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Helping to maximize growth opportunities while minimizing complexity and risk


To build the most successful companies and brands, media and entertainment organizations must harness the best creativity and monetization opportunities.


The explosion of digital channels, rising content expectations, the prevalence of new technologies and revenue models, regulatory changes and accessing funding can pose challenges but also opportunities.

KPMG Media

Alexandra Bellamy

Alexandra Bellamy

Partner, GTA Lead, Media & Entertainment


Alex A. Dhanjal

Alex A. Dhanjal

Partner, Tax Incentives, Media & Entertainment


At KPMG, we understand that founders and management teams are looking for practical and holistic advice, not just audit and tax help. We have a long track record working with some of Canada's most successful Media, Digital Media, Entertainment, Publishing and Film companies. We provide advice and cost-effective solutions to meet your business objectives, while minimizing business complexity and risk.


Your challenges:


  • Identifying and executing strategic approaches to business funding, the right funding relationships and exits
  • Setting up the most effective corporate structure and maximizing shareholder value
  • Identifying and optimizing government grants, tax credits and other financing support opportunities
  • Developing the right revenue and cost models and internal structures to scale your business
  • Tax compliance and planning for national and cross-border operations
  • Minimizing risk and tax liability through effective accounting practices
  • Evaluating the cost/benefit, risk and options for mergers, acquisitions, IPO's and other transactions


How KPMG can help:


  • Review of business plans, revenue models and funding strategies
  • Full Media Tax Incentives Lifecycle support, including strategy, submission of applications to certification authorities and tax authority reviews for federal and provincial incentives and grants.
  • Providing advisory and support on accounting or tax for equity transactions, stock-based compensation and other complex issues
  • Private or public company audit services. Production audits for media tax incentives as/if required
  • Corporate Finance, valuations, M&A transactions and IPO Readiness Advisory
  • Tax planning and compliance, international and cross-border tax