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Domestic deregulations, diversification, increasing demands for supply, and globalization have all led to new opportunities and challenges for Canadian power and utility companies. To be successful in this environment, companies should remain resilient, innovative, and focused.


Capital expenditure projects often represent multi-billion dollar investments. Couple this with long project timelines and remote locations, and many projects can limit the sector’s ability to bring new supply on-line while within budget. There is a necessity for an analysis of current risks, a review of governance framework, controls to mitigate risks, and the monitoring of the quality of information outputted to project owners on a regular basis. Only then can the Power & Utilities industry begin to meet the growing energy needs of the world.


Mary Hemmingsen

Mary Hemmingsen

Partner, National Sector Leader, LNG, Power and Utilities


Alberta’s Future Energy Mix: Exploring the Potential for Renewables

In our latest issue, Alberta’s Future Energy Mix: Exploring the Potential for Renewables, we discuss the opportunities that will arise for new electricity generation in Alberta, the energy sources that will feature most prominently, and assess the potential for renewable energy projects.

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This report provides insight into financing, investment and development trends in Canada’s clean energy sector with a particular focus on the Quebec market.

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This report provides insight into financing, investment and development trends in Canada’s clean energy sector. It is the first of a series of quarterly reports, published by our Power & Utilities team.

Approaches Built on Context and Perspective

At KPMG, we serve organizations involved in all aspects of the Power & Utilities sector, from generation and transmission through to distribution and retail. Our Power & Utilities professionals understand the sector's unique and ever changing issues. These issues affect the entire industry, from the largest generators to the smallest independent power producers. These factors also apply to municipal or provincially owned transmission and distribution companies. Some of the areas in which we have assisted our Power & Utilities clients include:


  • Creating sound public-private partnerships to meet increasing demands
  • Uncovering ways to help reduce the tax burden
  • Mitigating external risks by helping to implement solid internal controls and examining business continuity strategies
  • Providing thorough due diligence with input from our global network of professionals;
  • Accessing capital to help make improvements to the aging infrastructure;
  • Identifying and implementing cost optimization approaches
  • Implementation and conversion to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).


At KPMG, we bring context and perspective to our clients, providing practical ways to help them reduce costs, enhance processes and technologies, and improve their market focus.


KPMG further supports the Power & Utilities sector with its Centers of Excellence; the Calgary Center is one of 11 centers worldwide. These Centers focus on developing insights into the industry and supporting initiatives within the industry. We bring these same insights to the audits we perform.

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Energy Centers of Excellence

Calgary, Canada is one of 18 KPMG Energy Centers of Excellence which are dedicated to supporting companies in the energy industry in anticipating and meeting business challenges. All Centers around the world comprise professionals from member firms with practical, in-depth industry experience. They draw on KPMG International's wider global network of practitioners to provide clients with immediate access to the latest industry knowledge, skills, resources, and technical developments.