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 Summer 2014

inBusiness 2014


Marion Witz
Mirko Wicha
Ross Thurston

That'll Never Work 2: Sneak preview

In 2012, KPMG Enterprise validated the experience of any entrepreneur who's ever been told, "That'll never work." Volume 1 of the book of the same title was a runaway success in the Canadian business community, telling the success stories and enterprise lessons of dozens of companies that succeeded through innovation - often defying conventional wisdom.

This year's call for submissions for Volume 2 has already yielded some gems: here are the stories of three leaders who offer wisdom, inspiration and knowledge based on their experiences. Though their industries are widely varied - ranging from a luxury skin-care line to high-tech video streaming to agricultural water treatment - the learnings they offer are universal.


In this edition:


Three-generation successThree-generation success
In family business Elizabeth Grant International, colleagues and relations don't take each other for granted. Learn from Co-founder and President Marion Witz why these luxe skin-care products have been rocking TV shopping channels since 1998, and how they adjust to market differences in the U.S., U.K., Germany, Australia and Asia.


Life after retirementLife after retirement
After a bruising in the dot-com crash of 2001, Mirko Wicha temporarily retired. Find out what excited the Founder, President, CEO and Chairman of Haivision Network Video enough about live-streaming video technology to start a new enterprise that has gone from zero to $50-million in annual revenue.


Water, water everywhereWater, water everywhere
Many analysts and experts predict water will prove be the most precious future resource. Innovators like Ross Thurston are literally creating water from nothing: extracting clean water and fertilizer from the previously undervalued commodity of manure. Find out how investing in protecting intellectual property is helping Livestock Water Recyling build a clean, sustainable future.

 Late Spring 2014

inBusiness 2014


Deborah MacPherson
Marco Tomassetti
Peter Hatges

Don’t sell yourself short
You’ve worked hard to build your business, but now it’s time to sell. We give you tips from KPMG Enterprise partners on how to find the right buyer, prepare your financial statements, decide on the right time to get out, minimize the tax hit you’ll take – and, of course, get the highest price for your company.


That’s how many entrepreneurs are planning to sell their businesses by 2020, according to a 2011 poll by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB). This massive transfer of wealth – guaranteed to be worth well over $1-trillion – is all about demographics, since more than 1.5 million small and mid-sized businesses are owned by baby boomers, who are now hitting retirement age. Yet, according to the CFIB poll, only 10 per cent of entrepreneurs have a plan in place to clinch a deal.


In this edition:

Staging your business for sale

Staging your business for sale

“Selling a business is like your first time selling a house,” says MacPherson, tax partner with KPMG in Calgary.

Beyond the checklist

Beyond the checklist

Marco Tomassetti, Corporate Finance Practice Leader for KPMG in Vancouver, explains what you need to know to maximize the price for your company.

A case study in revving up for sale

A case study in revving up for sale

Peter Hatges, President of KPMG Corporate Finance in Canada, walks us through the key issues in the case sale of an industrial company.

 Spring 2014 edition

inBusiness 2014 Spring edition


Featured contributor:
Bruce Croxon


Bruce Croxon

Co-founder of online dating site Lavalife and a Dragon on CBC’s Dragons’ Den


What if Canada’s Big Five invested just 1% of their huge profits in homegrown start-ups?

This edition of inBusiness demonstrates that Canadian businesses need to be on the world stage sharing our products, services, ingenuity, great ideas and good business sense.


Sealing the Deal

Going Global [PDF 2.73Mb]

How CSL Silicones CEO Faisal Huda sealed deals in more than 20 countries.  Plus five other companies that are thriving abroad – and how you can, too.

What a trip

What a trip [PDF 2.73Mb]

Charlie Scott of Trufflepig turned a passion for adventure into an international business that creates lavish vacations for wealthy clients.

Playing at full strength

Playing at full strength [PDF 2.73Mb]

How Sher-Wood Hockey moved production of its iconic sticks to Asia, without alienating its roster of NHL superstars.

Hiring how-to

Hiring how-to [PDF 2.73Mb]

Employee turnover can cost your company big.  Here’s how to make sure your best people stick around – without spending a fortune.

 Winter 2013 edition

This edition of inBusiness focuses on cyber security – the costs, threats and six simple ways to protect your business.


Contributers: Misha Glenny, Kevvie Fowler, Chris Atchison, and Dawn Calleja.


The cost of cyber crime

Small and mid-sized enterprises lose billions of dollars each year to cyber-attacks, and 60 per cent of SMEs go out of business within six months of an attack.


Cyber security in an online world

Misha Glenny, cautions: “The risks if you’re not focusing on cyber-security, are totally disproportionate to the amount needed to prevent it.”

Hacking the hackers

Kevvie Fowler, a partner with KPMG explains cyber threats, the risks for private companies, and six simple ways to protect your business.


Case study in cyber-security

This real-life example demonstrates the impact ­– and possible solutions – to modern cyber-crime. 


 Fall 2013 edition

inBusiness - September 2013 edition


View inBusiness [PDF 3Mb]


Featured contributor:
Bruce Croxon


Bruce Croxon

Co-founder of online dating site Lavalife and a Dragon on CBC’s Dragons’ Den.



"Whether you’re putting people on the moon or building a new enterprise, your first duty as a leader is to build a strong team"

 Fall 2013 edition


This edition of inBusiness features stories of entrepreneurs who have embraced transition in their businesses and their lives.




Good on Paper

Good on Paper [PDF 3Mb]

Sarah Dennis, the fourth-generation honcho of The Chronicle Herald, is leading this Halifax institution into the digital age.


Mussel Man

Mussel Man [PDF 3Mb]

Kenn Renaud has developed a sustainable (and delicious) seafood — but his company needs capital if he wants to produce enough of the bivalves to turn a profit.


Poutine Power

Poutine Power [PDF 3Mb]

Ryan Smolkin had already built and sold two companies when he decided to bring a Quebec staple to the masses. Five years later, Smoke’s Poutinerie is one of the country’s fastest-growing franchises.


Summer 2013 edition

inBusiness - Summer 2013 edition




Special thanks to authors and contributors

Jim Cruickshank

Josh O'Kane

Jean-Yves Ménard

William Graham


In this edition:


  • KPMG Enterprise has a new approach to strategy
    Strategic planning is about identifying what you are going to do differently and establishing clear priorities for action.

  • Getting employees involved
    Prof. Eric Morse of the Ivey School of Business on how to make sure your employees are on board with your company’s vision and ready to help you make it happen.

  • Why Strategic Planning
    Jean-Yves Ménard, a partner with KPMG’s newly acquired SECOR practice and an authority in strategic plans, explains in a Q&A what it is, how to put one together and why your private company needs one.

  • Pharma Growth Challenge
    Find out how strategic planning, led by KPMG Enterprise partner Dave Cook, renewed the sense of purpose behind privately owned Mississauga-based pharmaceutical company SteriMax.


Spring 2013 edition

inBusiness - Spring 2013 edition




Special thanks to authors and contributors

Perry Muhlbier
Paul Woolford
Tom Hughes
Paul Lynch
Theo Michalarias


In this edition:


  • Successful Family Succession
    How to successfully transition a family business into the second generation. Find out when to start, how to start and who should take the lead.

  • Hot Potato
    How Tom Hughes of EarthFresh Foods used clever tax planning to save his company and to reduce his family's overall tax bill.

  • Audit Alert
    KPMG's tax pro Paul Lynch on how the Canada Revenue Agency decides which companies to audit and what they're looking for once they've got you in their sights.

  • Sweetening the Pot
    Traditional employee benefits might not be enough to motivate and retain talent. But, companies can offer both non-taxable and taxable benefits instead.


February 2013

inBusiness - February 2013 edition




Special thanks to authors and contributors

Bryan Borzykowski

Dawn Calleja

Clinton Hussey

Diane Jermyn

John Londono

John Lorinc

Ian McCausland

Dushan Milic

Margaret Mulligan

Judith Pereira

Chelsea Robinson

Derek Shapton

Ivor Tossell

Mike Watier

In this edition:


Bruce Croxon of Dragons’ Den [PDF 1.07MB]

What does it take to make it in business? (p24)


Turning point [PDF 1.73MB]

Greg Nuttall of Woodlands Biofuels on proving his blockbuster technology is ready for the big-time (p20)


Crime pays [PDF 1.08MB]

How Jad Saliba of Magnet Forensics created groundbreaking software helping law enforcement agencies catch bad guys across the world (p3)


“Like” this if you want to make money through social media [PDF 2.49MB]

Our guide to Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest (p17)


Growing up [PDF 1.55MB]

Tips on managing your growing business from four hot entrepreneurs (p10)


In the mood [PDF 2.10MB]

What’s the best way for bag designer Pixie Mood to expand reach without burning through all its cash? (p6)


Ask a pro [PDF 883KB]

KPMG Enterprise professionals on holding on to your business and getting money for your R&D (p8)


Better, stronger, faster [PDF 1.65MB]

Why cyclists are clamouring to buy Grass Frames’ bamboo bikes (p5)




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