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Learning and Development 

At KPMG, we understand and value the benefits that lifelong learning provides for your growth, both professionally and personally. Throughout your career we will empower you to set challenging goals for yourself and support you in achieving them. That's why we provide a wide range of learning opportunities that will help you excel, and develop as a professional.

Learning and Development

In order to make sure that you have the resources to continue your development throughout your career KPMG offers various learning opportunities:


KPMG Business School (KBS) - KBS is a virtual business school that offers a variety of learning opportunities both formal and on-the-job for you to develop technical, business, and leadership skills. It provides one central location through which you can access the firm’s catalogue of nationally developed, nationally delivered courses. The skills you develop will help you reach your full potential and the learning opportunities will provide you with a breadth of knowledge and skills to help you become a well-rounded professional.


Easily track your learning progress – Part of KBS, CLiX manages your learning records, including your personal learning history, Continuous Professional Education (CPE) credits, and, where applicable, curriculum certification to help you track your progress as you grow your career.

Access KPMG's CPA program - Take advantage of one of Canada's best CPA programs, designed to help you through the process successfully. Read more on KPMG's CPA program


A clear path to success - KPMG has developed Learning Paths that help you clearly understand the requirements of your job role - what you must achieve in your work to be successful, and what actions you can take to get there. Learning Paths, designed for every role from entry-level associate to partner, also help you to understand what it takes to get to the next level as you grow your career with us.


Keep pace with change - KLearn, KPMG's interactive Web conferencing tool, allows real-time learning and collaboration: you can access KLearn anytime, anywhere, from any KPMG computer. Create a CFE study group, problem solve with colleagues, or discuss recent changes to professional standards.

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