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  • Date: 6/25/2013

The Life of a KPMG Summer Intern Series- Calgary 

My name is Ashton Menuz and I am a Bachelor of Commerce student at Queen's University. This is my second summer working in as an intern in KPMG's office in Calgary and it has been a great experience!

Throughout my time at KPMG, I have done rotations in Audit, Advisory, and Enterprise. This has allowed me to work on a diverse range of clients, from small athletic firms to large oil and gas companies. I have been exposed to a wide variety of work as well - I have worked on SOX testing, inventory counts, financial reporting, and cash audits. As most summer interns can tell you, everyone on the team is amazingly patient and will to explain how to perform each task (even if it has to be explained more than once!). Almost everyone I have worked with started their career at KPMG, so they understand how it feels to be new to the job and are more than willing to help you learn.


A typical day at KPMG starts at 8:00am. When I am on an audit, I meet my team at the client's offices and get started on the day's work. Clients are normally concentrated downtown but can be located all over the city - some interns even get to fly out to the United States to audit for a few days! If I am not on a client, I come in to the office to work. There is always someone who needs a hand with a job, so you become familiar with the different staff members and clients at the firm very quickly. Our day ends at 4:30pm, which leaves us for ample time to explore the city and downtown area. With 24 interns in the Calgary office, there is always someone around to grab coffee with or chat. After work, interns will go for drinks or get together on the weekends. KPMG Calgary holds an annual softball tournament against the other Big Four firms every year and it is always a blast!


KPMG has a great focus on community. Each summer, the Calgary office provides the interns with the opportunity to volunteer for one week with Social Venture Partners, a Calgary based group that matches business professionals with non-profits. Through this program, I was able to work with The Young Canadians to help sell Stampede programs and fundraise for the organization.  There are opportunities to get involved after work as well. Each month, KPMG sends a group of employees to volunteer at the Calgary Drop-In Centre, and one-off events such as the World Partnership Walk are common activities with which summer interns can get involved.


My summer intern experience at KPMG has been fantastic. Not only have a made some great friends, but I am able to apply my knowledge to the work that I am doing. It makes a huge difference to be able to use the concepts that I learned at university and see them applied to real businesses. I am definitely looking forward to another great summer at KPMG!

Ashton Menuz