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Does KPMG offer any programs for students who are not yet finished university?


KPMG has several programs designed for university students who are not yet ready to begin work with KPMG but who are eager to get a glimpse into the life of one of our employees. Speak to your Career Centre to get more information on these events and other opportunities to learn more about a career with KPMG.

Does KPMG offer any opportunities to enter directly into any departments other than Audit?


KPMG now hires new recruits directly into our Tax and Advisory practices in select offices. To learn about this new and exciting opportunity, click here for more information.


I'm an international student interested in a co-op / summer internship with your firm. How do I apply?


Foreign students enrolled in selected publicly-funded, post-secondary institutions in certain provinces and territories are now eligible to work off campus while completing their studies if they hold a student work permit in conjunction with their study permit. However, students are required to meet specific eligibility criteria.


We recommend that you check with your university career centre to determine if you are eligible to work off campus during your co-op terms. If you are eligible, please apply directly to KPMG using our on-line application system. You must present the appropriate work permit before you will be allowed to start work.


I'm an international student interested in a full-time position with your firm. How do I apply?


If you are an international student interested in becoming a Canadian Chartered Accountant , you will need to check with the provincial Institute of Chartered Accountants for the province in which you will be residing to determine what courses you will need, as there are certain courses that you must take in Canada in order to pursue this designation.


You can contact the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA) Web site at for links to all of the provincial institutes. Before applying to any firm, you should ensure that you will be legally eligible to work in Canada for the specified period of time required to complete the requirements of a Canadian CA designation.


Consult the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website at for more information about work permits. You must present a valid work permit before you will be allowed to start work.


How should I prepare for my interview?


Click here to read our many interview tips for getting the job.


Do you encourage employees to move around within the firm?


One of the advantages of KPMG is that we provide you with choices. At KPMG, you have great flexibility to move throughout the organization. Begin in Audit and then explore other avenues such as Tax, Advisory Services, or any of our industry teams.  You also have the opportunity to move within Canada to another office. We offer a diverse range of opportunities whenever you're ready for a new challenge.