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Sustainability Matters 

2013 Canada's Greenest Employers

Sustainability is an integral component of our Community Leader strategy.  KPMG is proud to be recognized as one of Canada's Greenest Employers five years in a row. 


The firm supports local sustainability initiatives in the communities in which we operate and aspires to be a sustainable organization through the implementation of innovative operational practices.

2013 Canada's Greenest Employers

Sustainability and our operations:

KPMG was named Sustainable Firm of the Year in April 2013 by the International Accounting Bulletin.


KPMG in Canada supports KPMG International's Global Green Initiative (GGI), which has set ambitious targets to reduce the global firm's carbon footprint. The initiative's first phase was highly successful, reducing global greenhouse gas emissions by 29 percent per full-time employee by the end of 2010.


Key 2013 sustainability initiatives include:

  • Waste reduction and improving waste diversion
  • Working with our suppliers to offer more sustainable office supplies
  • Expanding our video conferencing options and other IT alternatives to travel
  • Reducing the amount of paper we use
  • Retrofitting and building new office space to LEED standards

Sustainability matters

Community Update

Leading the way in social innovation
KPMG is proud to work with social entrepreneurs and innovators across Canada.

KPMG travels with FTC and Me to We
KPMG people and their families experience sustainable development in Kenya and India.

Sustainability at KPMG
Sustainability is a key part of our Community Leader strategy.

KPMG's Imapct
KPMG's Imapct