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  • Service: Audit, Advisory
  • Industry: Mining
  • Type: Business and industry issue
  • Date: 12/18/2013

Mining M&A Quarterly Newsletter - Third Quarter 2013 

This quarterly publication presents a current snapshot of the M&A market, providing a review of select key transactions while focusing on the rationale behind those deals as trends take shape. It highlights Canadian transactions, but set in the context of global M&A deals and trends.

Caught in a downward trend stretching back four quarters, M&A activity fell even further in the third quarter of 2013. Total deal value almost halved, both in Canada and around the world, while deal volume remained relatively steady. Much of the M&A activity in Q3 revolved around smaller transactions such as non-strategic asset sales and strategic investments. 


Even though all the indicators below showed stabilization during the quarter, Chinese industrial production remains weak, metal prices remain soft, and investors prefer management teams to focus on existing operations and cash conservation.



Lee A. Hodgkinson

Lee A. Hodgkinson

Partner, Audit & National Industry Leader, Mining


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