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  • Date: 2/27/2014

inBusiness – Spring 2014 

This edition of inBusiness demonstrates that Canadian businesses need to be on the world stage sharing our products, services, ingenuity, great ideas and good business sense.

inBusiness – Spring 2014
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In this edition:


Going Global [PDF 2.73MB] How CSL Silicones CEO Faisal Huda sealed deals in more than 20 countries. Plus five other companies that are thriving abroad – and how you can, too.


What a trip [PDF 2.73MB]
Charlie Scott of Trufflepig turned a passion for adventure into an international business that creates lavish vacations for wealthy clients.


Playing at full strength [PDF 2.73MB]
How Sher-Wood Hockey moved production of its iconic sticks to Asia, without alienating its roster of NHL superstars.


Hiring how-to [PDF 2.73MB]
Employee turnover can cost your company big. Here’s how to make sure your best people stick around – without spending a fortune.



Special thanks to authors and contributors


  • Bryan Borzykowski
  • Bruce Croxon
  • Diane Jermyn
  • Charles Mandel
  • Dushan Milic
  • Margaret Mulligan
  • Matthew O’Grady
  • Kali Pearson
  • Judith Pereira
  • Diane Peters
  • Andrew Querner
  • Chelsea Robinson
  • Sonia Roy
  • Mike Watier

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