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  • Date: 9/26/2013

inBusiness - September 2013 edition 

This edition focuses on transition and features testimonials of entrepreneurs for whom change has positively affected their businesses.
inBusiness - September 2013 edition
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In this edition:


Good on Paper [PDF 425Kb]
Sarah Dennis, the fourth-generation honcho of The Chronicle Herald, is leading this Halifax institution into the digital age.


Change is good [PDF 2.3Mb]

In business, nothing stays the same. Meet five entrepreneurs who are undergoing major transitions — and making money.


Better safe than sorry [PDF 856Kb]

A primer on how to outsource offshore.


How I did it [PDF 770Kb]

Poutine prince Ryan Smolkin.


The Product [PDF 3.8Mb]

Clek car seats meld safety with cool.


The Pitch [PDF 1.8Mb]

This mussel man needs help boosting volume.


How to... [PDF 494Kb]

Terry O’Reilly on making people love your brand.


Ask a pro [PDF 1.6Mb]

To sell or not to sell your business.


Croxon [PDF 2.3Mb]

What he’s learned about the value of teamwork.



Special thanks to authors and contributors


Bryan Borzykowski

Judith Chopra

Aaron McKenzie Fraser

Diane Jermyn

Jerry Langton

Catalina Margulis

Dushan Milic

Margaret Mulligan

Diane Peters

Judith Pereira

Adam Rankin

Chelsea Robinson

Sabrina Smelko

Matthew Tammaro

Mike Watier

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