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    Top 10 considerations for private equity firms

    Top 10 considerations for private equity firms
    Modified date: 9/21/2015
    Business and industry issue

    Audit Trends

    Highlights include an examination of both the external and internal factors affecting the current audit committee risk mandate.
    Modified date: 1/22/2015
    Business and industry issue

    FATCA Application to Canadian Funds

    FATCA is due to affect the majority of Canadian private equity funds regardless of whether they have US investments.
    Modified date: 7/31/2014
    Business and industry issue

    Working with Private Equity Portfolio Companies

    Views of chairmen and senior management on working effectively with portfolio companies and creating value
    Modified date: 11/6/2013
    White paper

    The impact of private equity for businesses in Mexico

    A study that provides relevant information on the operation of Private Equity in Mexico, and to analyze their impact on real success stories.
    Modified date: 10/17/2013
    Benchmarking study

    M&A Predictor - January 2013

    The M&A Predictor is a forward-looking tool that helps member firm clients to forecast worldwide trends in mergers and acquisitions
    Modified date: 2/8/2013
    White paper

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