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  • Industry: Private Equity (PE)
  • Type: White paper
  • Date: 10/4/2013

Working with Private Equity Portfolio Companies 

KPMG and Directorbank conducted a survey of over 300 senior executive and non-executive directors of portfolio companies to find out their views on life under private equity ownership and what skills they value. In-depth interviews were held with a further 23 directors – all of whom have experience working with several private equity-backed businesses over a number of years.

We hope you find this research interesting and constructive. The results reveal the many benefits of the private equity model and a variety of approaches to working with portfolio companies. Although some of the findings may seem self-evident, sometimes private equity firms do not always get the basics right when interacting with management and the board. This research gives food for thought and guidance on what 300-plus senior managers believe constitutes best practices in portfolio management.



Benjie M. Thomas

Benjie M. Thomas

Partner, Advisory Services, National Leader, Private Equity


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