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  • Date: 1/14/2013

Thinking Beyond Borders 2012 

As today's business landscape becomes increasingly globalized, your business may be interested in sending more employees to work in foreign jurisdictions. It is crucial to understand the various tax implications and compliance issues that will arise depending on the country you are doing business in.


Thinking Beyond Borders includes summaries from over 90 countries that will assist you in identifying compliance matters affecting your business and can act as a reliable tool for your organization.

Thinking Beyond Borders includes information on:


  • Summaries from over 90 countries
  • Income tax compliance
  • Reporting and withholding obligations on companies
  • Corporate tax considerations, such as the creation of a permanent establishment
  • Social security obligations
  • Immigration requirements - Work permit and visa requirements
  • Non-deductible costs for assignees - For a number of countries, this may include contributions by an employer to overseas countries' pension funds


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