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  • Date: 1/22/2013

Integrating Human Services in an Age of Fiscal Restraint - Case Study on Peel Region 

Governments across Canada and the OECD look at human services integration as a means of meeting these key challenges:


  • Budget pressures and the desire for efficiency savings
  • Responding to complex social problems
  • Evolving public demands for services


This paper evaluates the ongoing initiative in Ontario’s Peel Region – and offers a valuable roadmap to other governments undertaking large-scale service reform in this age of fiscal restraint.


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The solution:


  • Integrating Human and Social Services.


Examples of recent human services integration initiatives at the provincial/state and national level



In 2011, child support, medical, and social assistance programs were brought together within the Department of Human Services.


Alberta established its Ministry of Human Services in October 2011. A blueprint for integrating existing services – the Social Policy Framework – is currently under development.


Social assistance and employment support services are being brought together within a new National Employment and Entitlements Service.


Community budgets were created to enable local governments to work with community partners to provide integrated human services support for complex-need families.

United States

Several states are using the establishment of these exchanges as an opportunity to create integrated eligibility systems.

The benefits:


The benefits


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Collaborative DesignLeadership and GovernancePrioritizing communicationManaging the workforceEmbedding changeThe approach:



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If you would like to learn more about how KPMG can help you integrate your Human Services please contact Craig Fossay, Partner, Advisory Services.


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