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  • Industry: Industrial Markets, Automotive, Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals, Industrial Manufacturing, Forestry, Transportation, Aerospace and Defence, Chemicals
  • Type: Business and industry issue, Survey report, White paper
  • Date: 7/18/2014

Canadian Manufacturing Outlook 2014 

DOWNLOAD THE REPORT [PDF 2.54Mb] Our 5th annual industry-wide survey of leading Canadian manufacturing executives provides a comprehensive overview of the Canadian manufacturing sector, along with insights manufacturers can leverage to help their businesses succeed.


Key findings of the report include:

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Canadian manufacturers are focusing their efforts over the next two years on increasing sales. They also see Canada and the US as the key markets that will fuel that growth.

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Increasing speed to market and R&D investment represent key opportunities for Canadian manufacturers. Focusing on increasing revenue and tightening cost structures has proved a successful formula throughout the global recession. As the global economy rebounds, Canadian companies have the opportunity to respond to the growing demand among their customer base for more and better products delivered faster, and gain competitive advantage by investing in R&D and increasing speed to market.

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Enhancing supply chain efficiency requires skilled talent. Companies need to align themselves with and market themselves to graduates of university degree programs that specialize in supply chain management in order to acquire the resources they need to take advantage of this critical global trend.


Read more about our findings here [PDF 2.54Mb].


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