Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory 

Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory

Helping our clients to benefit through outsourcing


Driven by the desire to reduce costs, gain greater access to qualified talents and focus more on core competencies, companies have turned to outsourcing as a means of gaining enhanced competitiveness.

Outsourcing can enable organisations to compete more effectively by transforming their internal operations through:


centralising common support functions such as finance, HR and IT and develop shared services functions to avoid duplication of effort and achieve economies of scale
outsourcing non-core support functions or business processes to external service providers who have superior practices, skills and infrastructure.

While outsourcing provides excellent business opportunities and advantages, it brings with it additional business risks. Our multidisciplinary team can help our clients sort through tax, regulatory, accounting, and technology risk management, as well as other issues in the outsourcing process.

In addition, KPMG's Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory can help:


develop a outsourcing strategy and execution plan
implement a outsourcing project plan
establish an appropriate governance structure to address process controls, organisational requirements, and jurisdiction nuances
transition disparate operations to a centralised, standardised shared service or outsourced environment
evolve outsourcing strategies to consider new models, services, vendors and deal structures
establish and integrate effective project, risk and change management processes into the outsourcing life cycle.

The KPMG advantage


We understand your investment in a outsourcing project is significant and that each project has its own unique challenges. Thus, KPMG's Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory professionals will first undertake to understand the uniqueness of your organisation and tailor an approach that fits your needs. Our professionals are experienced in the outsourcing industry with global and industry-specific perspectives. This in-depth experience can mean the difference between seeing the broad issues and focusing solely on immediate problems. Backed by our well-established methodologies, our professionals offer a thorough approach to help directly address your company's needs. KPMG China's Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory team can be contacted directly at:



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"We provide total solutions to our clients so that they can maximize their sourcing benefits."


Cui Kai
Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory
Partner in charge


"These are fascinating times to be choosing a new outsourcing provider or location as there is simply so much choice."


Egidio Zarrella
Client and Innovation Partner


The rise of outsourcing in China

The rise of outsourcing in China

This webcast series, based on KPMG's recent publication, "A New Dawn: China's emerging role in global outsourcing", looks at how China is moving up the value chain in developing the necessary infrastructure and outsourcing centers, and how that will impact the Asia-Pacific region and the rest of the world.