IS Governance and Performance 

Information Systems Governance and Risk Management
Assisting our clients enhance IT performance and strategy
Enabling our clients to manage IT with a focus on risk and control


Effective Information System (IS) governance helps ensure that business systems deliver value and that the risks inherent in using technology are managed. IS performance is continually being questioned in light of changing business and regulatory requirements, such as Sarbanes-Oxley, International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), and Basel II, as well as the requirement for transparency to shareholders. The IS governance structure should be designed to meet all these aims and to fit within the overall corporate governance framework. Effective IS governance is increasingly considered mandatory by boards and management.

    KPMG's IT Advisory looks at the measurement, management, and reporting of IT performance to help ensure that the risks and costs inherent in the use of technology are appropriately communicated and controlled. IS governance addresses a number of concerns organisations may have such as:

    Inappropriate IS strategy

    Difficulty in quantifying the value of IS
    Uncertainly as to the true cost of IS
    IS Performance Measurement
    Performance improvement systems
    Regulation and compliance frameworks

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