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General questions

What are KPMG's selection criteria?

We welcome applications from graduates who have good academic records, demonstrate strong communication skills, have a real interest in business, and possess a desire to learn about the industries in which KPMG operates. The ideal candidate is someone who is hard working, enthusiastic, and a real team player. Regardless of your degree, we are looking for people who are willing to put in the time to become highly-skilled young professionals, and do their best to grow at KPMG.


How many graduates does KPMG plan to recruit every year?

Our recruitment targets typically range from 1,500 - 2,000 per year.


Which positions are available?

KPMG is recruiting staff for all practice areas – Audit, Tax and Advisory. To help you decide which area is best suited to you, take a look at our careers website where you can learn more about what these different functions do and what you can expect in your daily work.


Can I apply to work in a particular city even if I am not currently located there?

As long as you are a PRC national, we can process your application for any of our locations in the PRC.


For our Hong Kong office, you will be eligible to apply if you hold a permanent Hong Kong Identification Card or a valid work permit. For the Macau office, you will need to be a Macau Identification Card holder.

Which degree majors does KPMG prefer?

Although KPMG is a professional services firm providing Audit, Tax, and Advisory services, we do not only look for accounting/finance related majors. Graduates with a degree in any discipline are welcome to join us, as a diverse workforce with a wide variety of skills can offer a lot to our clients. You may be surprised to learn that one of our Audit Partners has a degree in chemistry! And many of our professional staff majored in science, technology and humanities.

Does KPMG give more credit to students who do extracurricular activities?

We do not automatically give credit to such students simply because they are involved in many extracurricular or social activities. The only way that such experience comes into play is when it provides evidence of the skills and behaviours required within KPMG globally. Those involved in fewer extracurricular activities may be able to prove themselves in other ways if their area of interest is relevant to KPMG.

Does KPMG have a preference for postgraduates as opposed to undergraduates?
No, we treat all graduates equally. Our selection process does not favour those who have studied for longer, though this does not mean that we will ignore the extra two/three years’ study for postgraduate applicants.

Does KPMG prefer to recruit male students?

Gender is definitely not a selection criteria and KPMG prides itself on being an equal opportunities employer.

Does KPMG recruit people with work experience?

If you have work experience which is related to Audit, Tax and Advisory, we welcome your application through the Experienced Hire program rather than the Graduate Recruitment Program. Please visit the Experienced Hire section of this site for more information.

Does KPMG require a high level of English proficiency?

As a firm that operates on a global scale, English is important to us. A high level of English proficiency is necessary for the job as we have staff with diverse backgrounds and you will have the opportunity to work with clients from all over the world. However, we will provide you with the training and development to support your improvement over time. In the meantime, we encourage you to use simple English in your application and during interviews and be yourself.




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