About the KPMG Foundation 

The KPMG Foundation, officially chartered as a charitable entity in February 2008, manages the partnership's contributions and the strategic allocation of funds. This complements our firm's CSR goals through structured and organised giving. The Foundation's goal is to engage our people, stakeholders and brand to create a 'multiplying' effect through the matching of grants and partnerships. These are reviewed and finalised at our biannual board meetings.


The Foundation's objectives are to support the underprivileged and disadvantaged youth in China through projects focusing on education and empowerment. It is also the gatekeeper for managing the partnership's contribution. Therefore, a set of guiding principles was set to assist the Foundation board in making grants to support certain programmes or initiatives.


The Foundation prefers to support:

projects aligned with one of our funding focus areas: the 3Es (Education, Empowerment, Environment)
projects in places where KPMG has a presence and that offer scope for staff involvement
programmes that can draw upon KPMG's professional expertise
innovative projects with a community, participatory approach to help underprivileged groups to help themselves
projects that produce measurable results and have the potential to become sustainable
specific projects, rather than applications for general funds
legally registered non-profit/charitable organisations providing services in Hong Kong and/or the mainland that work in partnership with the government, and/or other philanthropic, private-sector and not-for-profit partners

KPMG China in the Community

KPMG China in the Community 


What is CSR to KPMG China?

Corporate Social Responsibility is not just about philanthropy or community services, but how we engage our people at all levels to make a difference that could be sustainable and enhance our business success.