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Welcome to our What's new section. This section provides a quick summary of our newest issues and insights.

Hong Kong Vibes Magazine
Defining Issues
Financial Instruments Newsletter
IFRS Insurance Newsletter
China Tax Weekly Update
China Tax Alert
Trends in biometrics – Are you ready to manage cybersecurity and privacy risks?
China Tax Weekly Update
Customs Policy Update
Competition Ordinance - Managing risks in the private education sector
General Tax Update for Financial Institutions in Asia Pacific
China Tax Weekly Update
BCBS Consultation on the Standardised Measurement Approach for operational risk
China Tax Weekly Update
Breaking News
The Bank Statement
Automatic Exchange of Information – The Common Reporting Standard
China Tax Weekly Update
Managing cybersecurity risk in the electronic trading business
Seeking value through Internal Audit
China Tax Weekly Update
Hong Kong Tax alert
New Financial Instruments Standard
KPMG China: Informed perspectives, clear results
Venture Pulse Q1 2016
First Impressions
China Tax Weekly Update
China Tax Alert
Demystifying Chinese Investment in Australia: April 2016
Customs Policy Update
Our view
Proposed Changes to the Internal Ratings Based Approaches (IRB) to reduce Credit Risk RWA Variation - BCBS
China Tax Weekly Update
China Tax Alert
Guide to condensed interim financial statements - Disclosure checklist (March 2016 version)
Guide to condensed interim financial statements - Illustrative disclosures (March 2016 version)
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Here you can access our large selection of insights on China.
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A selection of reference materials about the investment environment and opportunities in China and across the globe.
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Regularly updated publications and publication series.
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