• Service: Audit, Tax, Mergers & Acquisitions, Advisory, Management Consulting, IT Advisory
  • Industry: Consumer Markets, Retail
  • Type: Business and industry issue, Publication series
  • Date: 3/31/2014

Hong Kong Edge - Issue 7, March 2014 

In this edition, we are delighted to feature interviews with two prominent and highly respected Hong Kong business figures in the toy industry, Dr Cheung Kwong Ming (Founder of Tsuen Lee Group (Holdings) Ltd. and Executive Vice-President of The Toys Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong) and Ms Emily Cheung (Vice-Chairman of Hong Kong Toys Council; Vice-President of The Toys Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong; and General Committee Member of Federation of Hong Kong Industries).

Dr Cheung shared his insights on the development of the toy industry. He also discussed the challenges of the industry and ways to achieve sustainability. Ms Cheung shared her valuable experiences in business succession, while promoting information exchanges within toy industries.

We continue to share our observations, insights and knowledge in areas such as public finance strategies, merger and acquisition valuation, priorities for listed companies in 2014 and e-commerce trends in China.

We hope you find this issue informative and we welcome any feedback or topic ideas for future issues.


In this issue:


  • Interview with Dr Cheung Kwong Ming and Ms Emily Cheung
  • Public Finance Policy
  • M&A valuation
  • Focus for listed companies
  • e-Commerce in China
  • KPMG events
  • KPMG in the market
  • KPMG awards

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