KPMG's Advisory professionals assist clients through a range of services relating to Risk Consulting, Management ConsultingDeal Advisory, and Strategy. Together these services can help address a client's strategic needs in terms of growth (creating value), performance (enhancing value), and governance (managing value).

Risk Consulting

Accounting Advisory Services

We help our clients on a range of important matters that have significant accounting ramifications, including converting to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), initial public offerings, merger and acquisition activity, cross-border transactions, improving the speed and quality of financial reporting (Quality Close) and improvements in the financial reporting process chain.


Actuarial and Financial Risk Management

We provide insight into the complex worlds of financial instruments, Basel II and actuarial science. Our valuations unit assesses financial assets and liabilities ranging from simple bonds to exotic derivatives in support of our audit teams and for our clients. Our Basel II advisors are among the leaders in their field and our Hong Kong Centre of Actuarial Excellence supports the entire region for actuarial due diligence and audit, Solvency II advice, and other insurance-related activities.



We provide fraud risk management, forensic investigations, contract compliance and litigation support services, dealing with matters such as quantification of loss and preparation of expert witness reports. Fraud risk management helps to identify and assess early signs of fraud and determine the appropriate fraud policy to deal with them. Fraud and misconduct investigations include large-scale and multijurisdictional investigations, as well as documentation analysis, IT recovery, document management and other analytical techniques.


Internal Audit, Risk and Compliance Services

We help organisations improve their corporate governance practices, risk management and internal control systems by focusing on strategic and operational risk issues spanning different functions and operating units. We provide governance, risk and compliance services to support compliance with listing rules and other regulatory requirements, helping develop integrated frameworks that unify governance, risk, compliance and assurance functions.


We can also help organisations improve their performance and decision-making through the establishment of an Enterprise Risk Management system or through continuous auditing and monitoring approaches.


IT Advisory

We assist our clients in identifying managing and mitigating IT-related risks. We provide assurance for technology enabled business processes such as SAS 70, WebTrust and Systrust. Core service offerings include information security assessments, ERP systems controls reviews and IT internal audit.



Management Consulting

Business Performance Services

We help clients to improve operation of their business through a range of services such as margin enhancement, outsourcing risk management, finance functions and process improvement, post-merger integration, cost optimisation and performance measurement. BPS can help organisations to improve their operating margins by focusing on both cost management and process efficiency and also assists clients to make informed decisions about outsourcing, shared services and joint venture possibilities. As better operating practices are incorporated across the enterprise, this can help provide greater confidence to external investors, business partners and the markets.


IT Advisory

Our services allow our clients to harness the full potential of information technology in line with their business strategy and vision whilst also supporting or driving compliance with laws and regulation. Offering services through the life cycle, our IT Advisory professionals can also assist our clients through the implementation process to achieve measurable results.


Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory

We can help clients navigate the tax, regulatory, accounting, technology and risk management issues that can arise in the outsourcing process.


Deal Advisory (Previously “Transactions & Restructuring” )

Buying a Business

If you are considering buying a business, KPMG’s integrated team of specialists helps you ask and answer the right questions throughout the acquisition life cycle, from developing the optimal acquisition strategy right through to delivering the expected value.


Selling a Business
If you are considering selling a business, KPMG’s integrated team of specialists works with you to ask and answer the right questions throughout the divestment process, from developing an exit strategy that helps to maximize value to enhancing your retained business.


Fixing a Business

When you need to solve financial difficulties and improve corporate performance, KPMG’s integrated team of specialists helps you prioritize issues and focus on the right growth path. We function as a trusted advisor to help unlock value at every stage.



Optimizing your capital structure is essential to sustainable growth. KPMG’s integrated team of specialists guides you through the process of raising capital in both the debt and equity markets, from initial assessment and strategy through to successful execution.



Creating and setting up a successful joint venture or business alliance involves specialized skills. Employing a global mindset, KPMG’s integrated team of specialists supports you through the life cycle of a joint venture or alliance, giving you our global best in quality and reliable service from creation to exit.



   In the face of rapid change, you can't get by with a stagnant operating model or a strategy that

   sits on the shelf. We work with you to envision, develop and execute dynamic business

   strategies that drive profitability amid disruption.

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