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Swiss GAAP FER, Switzerland's fair presentation standards, govern the core aspects of accounting in a readily understandable manner. They provide a true and fair view of the financial position, the cash flows and the result of operations.

What is it all about?

Swiss GAAP FER provides companies with a framework for meaningful financial reporting. The standards are expected to be used by companies listed in Switzerland, groups of companies with nationwide presence as well as smaller and medium-sized enterprises. Swiss GAAP FER's structure is modular (Core FER, full Swiss GAAP FER, listed companies) so as to adapt to a company’s size. In addition, there are industry-specific standards which address the accounting of pension funds, insurance companies and not-for-profit organizations.

Smaller organizations (total assets of max. CHF 10m, turnover of max. CHF 20m and max. 50 FTEs) can choose to limit themselves to the framework as well as six key standards, i.e. the Core FER. Larger companies are to use all of the Swiss GAAP FER standards. If the entity in question is a group, it should also apply Swiss GAAP FER 30 "Consolidated financial statements". As of 2015, listed companies must also follow the additional provisions of Swiss GAAP FER 31. Among other things, these provisions address the first-time application of Swiss GAAP FER 31, the treatment of share-based compensation (to be reflected in the income statement), the information to be disclosed in case of discontinuing operations or the content of segment reporting (which is to be based on a management approach).

Benefits of Swiss GAAP FER:

  • Improved transparent communication with shareholders and other investors
  • Basis for proper financial management
  • Favorable cost/benefit ratio for users
  • Low complexity of Swiss GAAP FER standards
  • Stable accounting framework (especially for consolidated accounts as required by law), whose further development is expected to be manageable

How can KPMG help?

KPMG will gladly help you find the accounting standard suitable for your organization and support you in implementing Swiss GAAP FER.

Prof. Reto Eberle

Prof. Reto Eberle

Partner, Audit DPP, Swiss Certified Accountant

+41 58 249 42 43

Silvan Loser

Silvan Loser

Partner, Swiss Certified Accountant

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Swiss GAAP FER 2014/15

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KPMG's Swiss GAAP FER 2014/15 Brochure is released in its 8th edition. It provides an illustrative example and a checklist for application.