Values and Culture 

Long-term client relationships based on trust are the cornerstone of our success. This is why quality and integrity above and beyond the overall services we provide are of utmost importance.

Image Values and Culture

High-performance culture

Our aim is to be the best in a highly competitive environment. To this end, we embody a high-performance culture. This means that every day we aspire to combine specialist knowledge and performance with social competence. We nurture open and honest interaction and always make every effort to look at our results through the eyes of our clients. One thing is clear to KPMG: by creating added value for our clients, we are always doing so for ourselves too.


This is why there are no predetermined career paths at KPMG. Personal responsibility is a key characteristic: employees who deliver top-quality, customer-oriented performance will progress quickly at KPMG.

Our values

  • We lead by example
  • We work together
  • We respect the individual
  • We seek the facts and provide insight
  • We are open and honest in our communication
  • We are committed to our communities
  • Above all, we act with integrity


Image whistleblowing
KPMG Switzerland takes any complaints about the quality of its services or the behaviour of its people seriously.

Swiss Code of Conduct

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KPMG's Swiss Code of Conduct, which applies to all KPMG employees in Switzerland, outlines the ethical principles that define our business activities.

Transparency Report 2014

The Transparency Report of KPMG Switzerland for the year ended 30 September 2014 reflects our commitment to audit quality and delivering value to stakeholders.