Central and Eastern Europe


  • Date: 7/9/2014

Urban renewal – building future on the foundation from the past 

Many cities in Poland have been dealing with the consequences of the system transition of the 1990s, a cause of significant changes to the functional structure of their industrial zones, caused primarily by the trend of closing down of a number of factories and production plants. These changes were not limited to the industrial areas within, but have impacted the cities as a whole. Their economy, until then based on particular industries, had to be entirely restructured.
These functional changes brought significant negative consequences: fall in the levels of productivity and entrepreneurship of the population, increase in unemployment levels, population decline and progressing degradation of the infrastructure. Cities touched by these changes are now facing the challenge of how to reverse these negative trends. City councils want to prevent further degradation and plan a new path of development for the future. One of the metropolitan cities that took on this challenge is Łódź, where the work began on the New Center of Łódź Program.