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The field of communications has never been so complex, as rapid globalization and industry consolidation threaten some businesses and bring opportunity for others. Communications companies should know how to tackle this critical juncture.
KPMG Telecommunications

Brendan G. Maher

Brendan G. Maher

National Industry Leader, Technology, Media and Telecommunications


Paul Simonetta

Paul Simonetta

Partner, National Sector Lead


Communicators now operate in a fast-paced environment that is constantly evolving. Competition is fierce between traditional and non-traditional players; to succeed, communications companies should find a way to:


  • Keep pace with emerging technologies
  • Boost efficiency
  • Increase strategic advantage
  • Provide a fulfilling user experience across the communications platform
  • Enhance shareholder value in the face of new challenges.

Companies should market reliable, high bandwidth capabilities and services, while focusing on customer care and retention. Convergence of digital platforms has given consumers the power to dictate what services they use and how they use them.


Experience and Customized Service

KPMG is among the leaders in the communications industry with the knowledge and resources to help clients compete and win. Our communications industry professionals have the experience to recognize the challenges facing the industry today and offer customized services to help boost your organizational efficiency and give you a competitive advantage in a crowded market place.

We provide a forward-looking portfolio of Audit, Tax, Risk, and Financial Advisory services to clients across various communications industry segments:


  • Cable television
  • Wireless and wired communications
  • Satellite
  • Broadband/data service providers
  • Internet service providers
  • Data center/web hosting
  • Application service providers.

KPMG is committed to assisting our clients in the growth of their business. Our services can help you manage critical challenges and take advantage of industry opportunities. One of the most dramatic trends today is the rise of consumer demand for seamless, personalized service and content. The rapid pace of consumer adoption of new digital convergence models has given consumers around the world the power to demand what they want, when they want it, and how they expect to get it. A new paradigm of customized consumption is gaining momentum, where customer value is driven by innovation, pricing, customer care, seamless offering of multiple services and devices, and security.

The economy is creating enormous opportunities and daunting risks for even the most experienced business organizations. KPMG’s role is to assist you in achieving sustained success by helping to reduce risk and transform your opportunities into clear and powerful results.