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Take part in the Smart Challenge Event 

Come and discover at the Smart Challenge Event, what the biggest challenges are that you as an entrepreneur indicated in the KPMG Smart Challenge survey.


International trade, alternative financing and Belgian entrepreneurship will be the themes of some inspired discussions. Panel members from the business world, professional organizations and academia will give their perspective on present and future trends.


The Program on 9 December


 15h30 – 15h50 Reception  
 15h50 – 16h00 Welcome speech by Philippe Haspeslagh, Vlerick Business School  
 16h00 – 16h10 Introduction to SMART by Patrick Simons, KPMG  
 16h10 – 16h30 A perspective on entrepreneurship in the future by Herman Toch  
 16h30 – 17h00 Transformation and innovation by Walter Van Dyck, Vlerick Business School  
 17h00 – 17h55 An exchange of views (on one of the topics below)*  
  International commerce 
  Alternative means of financing
 17h55 – 18h45 An exchange of views on entrepreneurship in Belgium  
 18h45 – 19h00 Closing  
 19h00 – … Walking Dinner + Networking  


To find out who will exchange their views in the panel discussions, go to and register here (French or Dutch) for free-to attend the Smart Challenge.

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  • Register here (French or Dutch) for free-to attend the Smart Challenge.