Valuations and Fairness Opinions 

Companies seek valuations or fairness opinions for corporate governance or regulatory reasons, or because management wants to know the value of an asset, subsidiary or investment to aid business decisions. In these instances the company is at a critical moment in its life. It may be planning a major acquisition, resolving a shareholder or joint venture dispute, or seeking to reduce the gap between intrinsic and market value.

How KPMG can help

Our services encompass:


  • Fairness opinions
  • M&A valuations
  • Joint ventures & minority interest evaluation
  • Reorganization & restructuring implications
  • Investment appraisal and cost of capital
  • Shareholder value analysis
  • Advanced valuation techniques such as real options
  • Information gathering and market research/analysis
  • Management interviews and process review
  • Preparation of a draft report and client discussion
  • Issuance of final report and fairness opinion letter

From large quoted companies and multinationals, to privately owned and developing businesses, to infrastructure and private equity funds, to sovereign and public sector investors, we take the time to understand your unique dynamics and value drivers.



Our Valuation and Fairness Opinion services team recognizes that a valuation or fairness opinion is not a simple numbers exercise and we spend time working to understand the business dynamics and its key value drivers. We draw on extensive experience and apply relevant valuation methodologies. We combine this with our deep sector knowledge and benchmarking analyses to offer value-added advice.

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