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Milk Fiber 

We see milk fibers as one of the many tangible and innovative evolutions that characterize our response to a changing world. They show us how creativity and out-of-the-box thinking can help us to re-imagine our future.

As you innovate, transform or adapt, we are there to provide value-adding services. Our

broad advisory skills, combined with our knowledge in audit, tax and regulations allows us to link your challenges to industry solutions and technologies that can help you face the future.


We are here to help you achieve lasting transformation.

Milk Fiber study (PDF - 2,7MB) 




Milk fibers create a whole new value chain with potential applications in public health, the car industry and even children’s toys. In the current economic climate, finding opportunities for growth requires creativity and innovation.



Milk fibers are a sustainable product that in their own way, address issues in the environmental, public health and food industries. In today’s fast changing world, strategy without risk is no longer strategy.


Milk fibers save time, energy and water. This helps to cut costs. In a period of limited resources, we have to make the best possible use of every euro.


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