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Critical citizens are increasingly putting pressure on public sector organizations to focus on organization management and a competitive work culture. More than ever public sector organizations are expected to be customer-oriented, operate in an effective and efficient way, and be able to motivate their employees. Moreover, public sector organizations must meet the most stringent requirements in terms of transparency and reliability.
Case study
AEO Efficient Asset Management
KPMG Advisory in Belgium was selected to assist and provide advice with regard to the establishment, management and operation of the Measurement Office. Read the case.

How KPMG can help

    To meet all these expectations, public sector organizations regularly rethink the way they operate. By so doing they continue to evolve towards a competitive and dynamic government. By providing strategic advice and practical insights the multidisciplinary team of KPMG Public Sector (with staff from Advisory - Tax & Legal - Fiduciary - Audit) can offer governments at federal, regional and local level customer-oriented support during this process.


    An effective and dynamic government is characterized by the following features:


    • Communication  Open, complete and timely communication with the citizen (the client) and all involved parties is crucial.


    • Public Governance  Organization management and leadership: the separation between the roles of policy preparer, policy maker (politics) and policy performer (civil servant) leads to a more balanced, responsible, independent and professional policy (by implementing internal controls, risk management and detailed reports).


    • Employees The beating heart of a competitive and dynamic organization is the role, reliability and commitment of the staff.


    • Competence and professionalism Promoting a personnel management that focuses on education, training, personal counseling, career planning and innovative thinking.


    • Quality management  Existing processes are tested with regard to performance management information systems and management techniques, thoroughly reviewed, and adjusted where necessary.


    • Transparency and focus on results Public resources are used efficiently through management agreements with an obligation to achieve a result. Outsourcing, feasibility and effectiveness studies and benchmarking are among the standard practices.


    • Administrative simplification Interaction between citizens and government through simple and clear procedures (e.g. ‘one stop shop’). 



KPMG Public Sector professionals have built up an extensive network with local governments, provincial governments, regional governments, educational institutions, federal agencies and public organizations. By carefully listening to the actors within the public sector and by working together with them in a participative way, our professionals have developed a strong and practical understanding of the challenges your organization faces.


Our service provisioning includes management support and advice on information management, policy and strategy, personnel management, audit and integrity, governance and structure, financial management and sourcing, etc.

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Emmanuel De Moyer, Advisory Partner

Emmanuel De Moyer, Advisory Partner

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