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  • Date: 5/8/2013

Healthcare in Africa 

On all indicators of health, Africa lags behind the rest of the world, and behind poor countries of South-East and South Asia that were behind Africa when measured on these metrics a few decades ago.
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Africans live, on average, 14 years less than the average world citizen, and 21 years less than the average European.


KPMG released a report, The state of healthcare in Africa, which looks at the current state of the healthcare sector in Africa, identifies the reasons for its underperformance, notes the geographies where the picture is less gloomy and tries to explain why those countries perform better.


But the whole continent is not blighted: there are success stories here and there, some countries or cities in which multilateral institutions, governments, private firms or non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have come up with ideas or programmes that have had a big, positive impact on a local population.


The other part of this report is to see what was done right in those places, and to estimate how fast the successful ideas are spreading to other communities. Finally, the report explores some macro-scale trends in Africa and in the world which should be kept in mind when thinking about the future of healthcare in Africa.


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