• Industry: Infrastructure, Government and Healthcare
  • Type: Case study, White paper
  • Date: 1/27/2014

Necessity: the mother of innovation 

Emerging health economies are challenging traditional models of care and succeeding with innovative, low-cost alternatives. Necessity: the mother of innovation, a report from KPMG’s Global Healthcare Practice explores these cost-effective approaches which can also be adapted by higher income countries struggling to manage costs.
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Capturing the insights of 75 healthcare leaders from around the world, as well as in-depth case studies from successful low-cost systems, the report highlights six key areas emerging health systems must focus on in order to keep costs down without compromising on quality:

  • People – redesign roles, processes and training to ensure staff are operating at the full extent of their license and training;
  • Pathways – separate complex and routine work, identify bottlenecks and move away from ‘batching’ treatments;
  • Standardization – demonstrate strong commercial discipline to get the most out of pharmaceutical and equipment purchasing;
  • Environment – focus on the use of flexible, future-proof, energy-efficient buildings;
  • Technology – use technology such as smartphones, point-of-care testing and portable diagnostics to bring services and decision-making closer to patients;
  • Governance – create management structures that empower frontline staff and encourage experimentation.

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