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  • Date: 7/25/2014

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Construction in Africa 2014 

Infrastructure deficiencies hamper both economic activity and social development – some even see it as the biggest threat to the continent’s long-term growth and development dynamics. In this regard, many African governments have, over the past five to 10 years, made a concerted effort to improve the operating environment, not just for the private sector in general but also for construction companies looking to partake in big infrastructure expansion drives.
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To this end, the World Bank Doing Business project currently tracks the procedures and time involved in interacting with public entities for the construction of a warehouse in 49 African countries, and has seen a decline in the average period required for e.g. receiving public utility connections, building site inspections and building permits, amongst other issues. There are now on average 8% fewer procedures required compared to 2005 and the interaction takes an average of five-and- a-half months from a period of seven months observed during 2005. Of course, country-specific indicators vary, but positive developments are definitely widespread.

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