Structuring one’s affairs to preserve wealth should be an overriding objective.

Kerri Reynolds

Kerri Reynolds

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Lisa Hurwood

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As individuals accumulate investments and other assets, managing them prudently and effectively becomes a pressing issue. Operating an owner-managed business enterprise and/or a self-managed superannuation fund can often become an added complication.


Typically, there will be estate and succession planning issues to be considered. There may be compliance and reporting obligations that must be fulfilled. Tax planning will certainly be a factor.


It is important to avoid unnecessary complexity and ambiguity in these arrangements and to minimise the time, cost and anxiety associated with administration and compliance responsibilities.


A DIY approach to these matters can often result in something being overlooked.


How we can help

KPMG works with high-net-worth individuals, helping them to achieve their financial goals and preserve their wealth.


We are not investment advisers, but we can assist clients to:

  • structure their assets and personal affairs in the most appropriate manner
  • undertake effective wealth and tax planning
  • manage estate and succession planning issues
  • meet reporting and compliance obligations
  • reconcile competing business and personal/family interests and aspirations.


For decades KPMG has been helping individuals and families attain their financial objectives and protect their wealth. It has taught us the value of trusted, long-term professional relationships based on mutual confidence and respect.


We offer advice that is clear, concise and timely and that is based on a thorough understanding of the issues involved.