Industrial Manufacturing 

Manufacturing organisations in Australia are confronting unprecedented challenges in a turbulent and uncertain business environment.

David Drummond

David Drummond

National Sector Leader, Industrial Manufacturing

+61 2 9335 8695


Industrial manufacturing contacts

Contact our industrial manufacturing professionals in Australia for more information about our services.

KPMG works with many of these organisations, including entities covering the paper and packaging, engineering, building materials, steel and fabricated metal products and the machinery and equipment sectors.


Key issues for the modern manufacturer include innovation, lean manufacturing, time to market, quality and climate change. Raising debt and equity has become a major concern for many manufacturers following the 2008 financial crisis.


KPMG's Industrial Manufacturing practice assists clients respond to these and other pressing business issues.


How we can help

Our professional advisers assist clients with a range of key industry and business critical issues, including:


  • climate change and sustainability
  • research & development tax concessions and grants
  • enterprise risk management
  • restructuring and debt advisory
  • capital raising
  • outsourcing manufacturing and other functions
  • IT project advisory
  • tax planning and compliance
  • transfer pricing
  • mergers, acquisitions and asset disposals
  • market entry and expansion
  • operational efficiency and cost optimisation
  • supply chain rationalisation and global sourcing
  • investigating fraud and other misconduct.

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Global Manufacturing Outlook
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