Nathan Zhu 

When it comes to thriving in constant change, it’s all about, as Nathan says, "patience and discipline".
Nathan Zhu

Multi-instrumentalist, kick boxer

Private Enterprise Adviser,
KPMG Gold Coast




Born in China, Nathan and his family moved to Melbourne, then to the Gold Cost, then to Canberra, and then back to the Gold Coast. For Nathan, the "constant movements were hard to adjust to but it kept life interesting."

This was particularly true with his time at university in Canberra where he found that getting involved in a variety of clubs was essential to meeting new people and building relationships across different cultures and backgrounds.

It’s something he's been able to bring over to his work at KPMG as an Advisor in Private Enterprise. An area where it's essential you get to know people and their challenges across a wide range of privately owned and family businesses. "A normal day," Nathan continues, "consists of preparing financial statements and tax returns. I also spend a lot of my time doing due diligence work for valuations or cash flow projections."

By being able to understand the goals and needs of each organisation, Nathan helps deliver results that go beyond even their expectations and that helps ensure their businesses stay strong and financially viable.

It's also an area where it’s vitally important to show discipline and patience. Two qualities that Nathan also practices in his private life where he mixes the unlikely combination of music and boxing (though not at the same time).

As Nathan says, "I've played the piano for about 22 years now and performed in both classical and jazz concerts in the Gold Coast. The second passion in my life would be boxing. I started boxing as a way to get into fitness but I ended up falling in love with the sport. I've trained 5 times a week, 2 hours a day for about 5 years and have had four amateur fights. The competitiveness of the sport is what motivates me."

It’s this focus and dedication that KPMG appreciates and very much encourages.


"KPMG has really been supportive in allowing me to balance my work life with my personal life."

Because in the end, when faced with change, we want people like Nathan who not only look at it with patience and discipline, but see it as potential.

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