National Chairman's Citizenship Awards 

At KPMG, we recognise that the knowledge, skills, time and contributions of our people are of value far beyond the immediate needs of our business. KPMG people are empowering positive change for those around us.
National Chairman's Citizenship Awards cover

The National Chairman's Citizenship Awards recognise individuals or teams from KPMG who have demonstrated exceptional community or environmental leadership through volunteering or fundraising. The winners receive grants to support their not-for-profit organisations of choice.


Congratulations to the winners of the 2014 National Chairman's Citizenship Awards.

National Chairman's Citizenship Award winner

This award recognises exceptional community involvement.

Volunteering winners

This award recognises outstanding and sustained volunteering contributions.

Fundraising winners

This award recognises excellence in fundraising.

Corporate Citizenship

Corporate Citizenship
Our individual, collective skills and experience help to address issues associated with education, the environment, social inclusion and health.