• Service: Advisory, Management Consulting, Data Analytics & Information Modelling
  • Type: Business and industry issue, Video
  • Date: 3/10/2013
  • Length: 2:49 Minutes

Go Beyond the Data video series

In this series, KPMG professionals with deep data analytics experience provide insights on turning complex data challenges into business value.

Video: Data and analytics: Anthony Coops discusses creating real value 

Anthony Coops, Head of Business Intelligence & Analytics at KPMG talks about data and analytics and how businesses can move beyond simply collecting and analysing data to create real business value.

KPMG is spending a significant amount of time working with clients to identify value opportunities and then leverage their new found analytics capabilities in areas like marketing, finance, risk, operations, supply chain and customer service.


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Analytics, Information and Modelling

Our team help organisations take the mystery out of big data and demonstrate how to leverage data resources to produce better business outcomes.