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  • Date: 12/06/2014

Future State 2030

Future State 2030
We explore how governments must respond to the global megatrends driving change into 2030.

Infographic: Global megatrends 

Discover the nine global megatrends KPMG identifies as impacting governments and citizens alike into 2030. Are governments ready to respond?

Future State 2030 identifies global megatrends that fall within three dimensions:
individual / global economy / physical environment.


Explore this visual expression of the key trends and their implications for government into 2030.



Global megatrends infographic


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Global megatrends – summary

Global megatrends infographic [PDF]

View a one page summary of the nine Global megatrends [PDF 91KB].

Video: Future State 2030 – Global Megatrends

Video: Future State 2030 – Global Megatrends
Our animated infographic previews the nine global megatrends Future State 2030 identifies as most salient to the future of governments.


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