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  • Date: 7/02/2013

Cloud survey series

A series of KPMG publications that address the challenges and opportunities facing users and providers of cloud.

The cloud takes shape survey: the implementation challenge 

Cloud has finally started to move beyond the hype and into the fabric of today's enterprise. Organisations around the world are gaining valuable insight into the potential benefits of cloud, but also the practical challenges of adopting these evolutionary technologies.
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This report from KPMG International is based on responses of more than 650 senior executives in some 16 countries representing multiple industries.


Key insights 

  • There are transformational business benefits to cloud adoption derived not just from ‘cost-out’ but also from the longer-term outcomes such as increased efficiency and flexibility. Accordingly organisations are starting to shift their focus away from pure cost reduction objectives to focus on achieving transformational benefits of cloud.
  • Challenges are recognised but despite these the survey shows that executives still believe the benefits far outweigh the growing pains they experience. They increasingly view cloud as a strategic capability.
  • A greater focus is being placed on business and operational process redesign and business model improvements as key enablers of benefit.
  • Security remains a challenge but organisations are becoming more confident in the security of cloud providers.
  • Adopters are also starting to prepare for the inevitable complexities that will arise from today's changing regulatory environment. They are also approaching the tax structure of cloud deployments more strategically, rather than an afterthought to implementation with many finding that tax planning can make a significant difference in the company's tax position, positively impacting the business case for cloud.

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Business impacts of cloud

Business impacts of cloud
Cloud is creating new business opportunities for companies that are willing to harness its power.


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